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Qora Qore is an era maintained by Qora Qore Telecommunities, co-produced by Mpistou Proundou and Anna Ryneeeel Zekzphire in Orbitron and by A Techno Services elsewhere. It consists of Two Projects, namely Mpisto War 2018 and Mpisto War Workspaces 2019

Qora Qore Web (Mpisto War 2018)Edit

Made in:Mpirthi Bjordos Testdrive (Static Wrappers):Qore Github

Qora Qore Web (Formerly Mpisto War 2018 and Ryneeeel Zekzphire Grooze) is a Project that it was build at early stages as Ryneeeel Zekzphire Grooze, replacing Ryneeeel Zekzphire Zentral that was shut down in 19th February 2018 due to layout issues. It was released under an alpha later in the same day. Since 22nd March 2018, it is being build under the name of Mpisto War 2018 since developing desktop build 122. Since then, tons of layout changes and feature additions have been added. It is hosted at Mpirthi Bjordos. Nowadays, as of 29 September 2019, it is not only developed slowly but also in large chucks under a version of Q.Qore


Here's a list of features it has:

Fixed LayoutEdit

MW18 Feature1

Its layout is lovely based on Wikia

Like Wikia, it has fixed layout but breakpoints differ a bit. It has a full-width global Navigation as well as a bottom toolbar. It has a right rail with modules. Also what it has is built-in DiscordIntegrator support. It also has a Community header

  • 754- = XS or Xtra Small or Mobile
  • 755 pixels = S or Small
  • 960 pixels = M or Medium
  • 1100 pixels = L or Large
  • 1400 pixels = XL or Xtra Large
  • 1720 pixels = XXL or XtraXtra Large

Build-in EditorsEdit

MW18 Feature2-1

The Article Constructor, the reimplementation of editors

MW18 Feature2-2

The VisualEditor in Visual Mode, another but more widely used editor, still receiving updates

Mpisto War 2018 comes with two editors which are the VisualEditor and Article Constructor. Both of them contain Source Editing, right rail with features that should give more power as well as an easy page rename tool (Not on VisualEditor). Its markup is in full HTML with some additional powers from Wikitext such as templates. User is also able to convert HTML content into plain text and vice versa.

Profile MastheadEdit

MW18 Feature3

User Profile Masthead, as it appears in the Medium Breakpoint

Mpisto War 2018 also comes with a built-in userpage layout. A profile masthead is given which contains Info about the user such as the groups he's in such as Admin or VanGuard. Profile tabs also exist. It is shown with an avatar as well. It is next to the profile masthead in Large Breakpoint onwards whereas above the profile masthead in Medium breakpoint and below.

Preferences and Theme DesignerEdit

MW18 Feature4-1

Preferences in Accessibility section

MW18 Feature4-2

Preferences in Theme Designer section with modified theme

Preferences also exist, split into 6 sections which are:


This section consists of many preferences including Font selection and avatar upload.


This section consists of preferences that go to editing experience


This section consists of preferences that can improve users with problems

Theme DesignerEdit

This section consists of the Theme Designer application. Static Wrapper version can also customize themes as well. It can also upload pics as well. In addition, you can reset the theme in case it goes wrong as well as made a random theme (But not image changing). You can do it with three various ways:

Color PickerEdit
MW18 Feature4-3

Menu for editing a Color (Currently as Red, Green and Blue)

Formerly housed by Color Input types. This type is the standard way of selecting colors. At first, it relied on Operating System color picker. However, due to limitations on some OS/Browsers, it was evolved into a color picker of Red/Green/Blue with sliders. It is a button that shows the preview of a color. Clicking on it brings the color chooser (You must change the sliders of Red, Green and Blue to edit it and it is previewed in a container of the Button, similar to the ones color input type offered)


Also known as the Random Color selection. It randomizes the color into a random ones that Chroma.js library can offer. It is not only availble for a specific color (i.e. Community Header Background Color) but also theme-wide (Use that with caution). Theme-wide variant should be used with caution as it may make themes in where you can't read text. If it is the case, either try another combination with Randomizer (Theme-Wide) or edit the offending colors.

Color WriterEdit

This is the easiest way but harder for non-advanced users. It provides a browser modal dialog asking to write a color. It shows the color that the current theme designer value (Such as Content Border) has. It allows colors to be typed in any way the user desires, not just hex color only.


Previously known as Site section, consists of some preferences that apply to all users

Store ContentEdit

This section is related to Store Feature

Mobile and DiscussionsEdit

MW18 Feature5-1

Mpisto War 2018 Main Page on a mobile phone

MW18 Feature5-2

Community Discussions at a 1024px sceen

Mpisto War 2018 also has built-in Discussions for Communication as well true Mobile Phone support. Many things including editor and options are mobile-friendly. Also, with Discussions, you may create threads with unlimited amount of replies as well as polls. Also what you can do is to Edit GMK Guideliens and GMK Description directly from Discussions. To prevent High load times, only the last 10 threads are shown by default through you can Force more by clicking on the Load More Button which loads the next 10 threads.

More fun to youEdit

MW18 Feature6-1

Mpisto War Store in the 960px breakpoint

MW18 Feature6-2

A Secure Spotlight footer in the 755px breakpoint

Mpisto War Store consists of many Free (And some paid) components you can add to your wiki you administate to make it more beautiful than ever. Also, if you have joined A Secure and have the gallery component active, you can see the spotlight footer. It also has many .wds components for even more fun

Supported Fandom Design System ComponentsEdit
  • Buttons
  • Floating Buttons
  • Button Groups
  • Dropdowns
  • Tabs
  • Community Header
  • Midlight
  • Avatars and Avatar Stacks
  • Banner Notifications
  • Toggles

Qora Qore Teleworks (Mpisto War Workspaces 2019)Edit

Made in:To Safari stis 11 Basic Testdrive (Static Wrappers):MpistoWorkspaces Github

This project replaces Slack3 and was released as an early project on 4th December of 2018. It was officially relased as a stable project on 6th December of 2018. Unlike Mpisto War 2018, it is on To Safari Stis 11 Basic instead of Mpirthi Bjordos, meaning it will at least support Safari 11.

Unique YoursEdit

MWW19 Feature1

Mpisto War Workspaces on a 1024px screen

MW19 Feature2

Mpisto War Workspaces on a Mobile Phone

The layout is basically adapted from Mpisto War 2018 with some adjustments. It has everything you would expect such a global footer, right rail and a Community header. It also has many tools for managing your workspace easier.


MW19 Feature3

Appearance of Mini-footer in Mpisto War Workspaces 2019

Since all projects on To Safari series are forced to include the mini-footer (Even if you provide your own footer), you can find it to the end of the article. It is themed with emphasis-bg (Dropdown-bg on Contrast) and has an inset border in it as usual.


If you liked that era, please share us your info what part you liked most!!!!

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